Maximum energy efficiency

At Nielsen Clima, we produce hot water appliances that are energy efficient. Their design and modern technology allow a more efficient consumption of electricity, since the production of electricity is not always clean and safe. At Nielsen Clima, we are aware that the consumption of electricity and the durability of materials directly affect the ecosystem, so we design reliable and durable devices. Nielsen Clima adheres to the most ecological of recycling processes to minimize pollution and to get the most out of the materials used.

ECO and INOX, more efficient water heaters

Thanks to the high quality insulation of WESEN’s double tank system, and to the incorporation of its Smart function, ECO electric water heaters have achieved the highest levels of energy efficiency rating on the market (A and B) –resulting in energy and costs savings–, thus anticipating the minimum requirements of European energy directives.

RIBE, clean energy obtained from the air

RIBE heat pumps use aerothermal technology to take profit of the environmental heat stored in the outside air: a free, renewable and inexhaustible energy source.

The range of heat pumps RIBE (A+ class) combines energy and costs savings with an ease of installation and a full compatibility with other energy sources, such as solar energy.