Our Commitment

A dedication to design

Through our designs, we at Nielsen Clima contribute to incorporating water heaters that are more attractive and responsive to the growing concern for design in the home. We are pioneers in leading a shift towards appliances containing two accumulators, with the result that they take up less space and facilitate harmony between the heaters and other domestic appliances. Until now, the electric water heater had been an awkward and unsightly contraption, often placed in inconvenient spaces or ones that are difficult to access, with the ensuing difficulties this caused.

We care about people

At Nielsen Clima, we pledge to develop a long-term project in which we seek both to strengthen our brands and products, and the financial and professional stability of the people who make up the company. It is our aim that the people that work directly or indirectly for the company are satisfied with the work that they do, and we care about their concerns and projects. At the same time we try to incorporate people who feel identified with the company and are therefore motivated in their work. We conceive of the company as a single unit in which the workers are as important as the people who are responsible for managing and decision-making, or the shareholders. No company is possible without the sincere cooperation of all of those involved, so our treatment of workers and employees is always one of openness and kindness.

Nielsen Clima does not aim to seek immediate returns for itself or for its shareholders and employees, but rather it strives for a consolidation that allows them to develop their projects in stable way and sustained over time. The company’s employees may have chosen this over other possible choices of work. This is why we at Nielsen Clima cannot disappoint those who have trusted us, and in pursuing this commitment –with employees, suppliers and shareholders–, we assume that mutual communication and trust are essential in this long-term integration.